Frequently Asked Questions...

What is "natural" soap?
A commitment to making only "natural" soaps means that there are no artificial or synthetic colorants or fragrances in our soaps - ever. Most soaps and body wash products on the market today contain all sorts of chemicals, artificial colorants, and masking fragrances. At Soap Suds, Inc. we only use products that are derived from natural sources.
How is your soap made?
Soap is created by mixing certain fats either vegetable or animal with alkali; in our case, we use only vegetable fats (olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil) and combine them with sodium hydroxide and water (lye). As the mixture cools, or cures, it hardens into what we recognize as soap and can be cut into individual bars.
What's in it?
In addition to vegetable fats and lye, our soaps often contain combinations of essential oils (scented oils extracted from plants), botanicals for texture (e.g. calendula petals or oatmeal), or clays for color.
Ingredients are listed on each of our bars of soap, so if you have sensitive skin or suffer from allergies, please read the label carefully. Our olive oil soap is popular among both of these groups of people as it does not contain any essential oils or botanicals.